“In the Land of Active Imagination there are gardens, paradises, animals, minerals… now, everything found there, absolutely everything, lives and speaks of a life analogous to that of every living being endowed with thought and speech. Endowed with life and speech, beings correspond to what they are below, with the difference that in that Celestial Land things are permanent, imperishable, immutable: their universe does not die."

Wrote the greatest of Islam's mystics, Muhyddin Ibn 'Arabi

I asked the winds of that world to give life to my Oberon and my Mab and Titania, because it goes without saying that fairies exist, and of a much more essential existence than ours.

So for years I have been offering my audience butterfly wing fans, wax torches detached from the thighs of hornets and lit with the phosphorescent eyes of fireflies, bat wing skin doublets, fairy cloaks and other precious treasures. But what I really have to give is what Titania promises.