The "Via del Taccuino" as an art of UNVEILING.

Above all, unveiling of the world, because the journey, with its breaking of habits, its undermining the addictions of ordinary life, involves a renewal of the gaze and an awakening from the lethargy of conventions, which is the rediscovery of the world as a weaving of signs to be interpreted and understood.

As Baudelaire admirably wrote: "No one is more suited to enjoying a landscape than the one who observes it for the first time, since nature then presents itself in all its extraneousness, not yet weakened by too frequent of a gaze".

Traveling with a sketchbook, drawing as I have been doing for years, is my way of compensating the world - creation - for the wear and tear of a "weakened" gaze.

The medium of drawing and painting is particularly suitable for grasping this revelation of the world and for penetrating its astonishing novelty.