While I don't like making my work spectacular, I was among the first to document the making of a notebook on video during a trip. In 2008 the "Elephant Trips", a well-known Roman Tour Operator, sponsored me a trip to Egypt. Stefano Folgaria traveled by my side as a video maker. From that trip a carnet was born, “Egypt, looking for the Aleph”, (subsequently published by EDT), and the documentary Passage to Egypt, a collection of an exclusive series of video-galleries of the trip with colors and a notebook. Sent step by step as dispatches to a well-known blogger, they merged into a DVD; it was the first experiment of documenting a travel book in live video in Italy. 

 In 2010 again with the "Travels of the Elephant" and Stefano Folgaria I went to Japan and from that experience was born the DVD "Japan - Notebooks from the floating world" which was attached to the book published by De Agostini. Since then, the video-carnet genre has undergone generalized inflation, hand in hand with the amplification of the use of social networks and ever more performing devices.

Video Carnet de Voyage
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