Carnet de voyage to Marrakech with Stefano Faravelli

A seminar in Marrakech to work on a carnet de voyage inside and outside the walls of the Red City.
The encounter with an Arab city and its medina, through its many souls: the flashy and colorful ones of the Souk and Jama l-Fna, the more mysterious and reserved ones of the sacred spaces and the; popular imagination. We will be “thin hunters” of calligraphies, rare imageries, lights, shadows, sources and sacred trees ... and of course storks and then the dawn at the Menara, the Majorelle garden where you can paint al fresco and, much more elusive, the garden of the Marrakshīs' faces.

In the evening we will do readings from Sufi texts, from Elias Canetti and Ibn Baṭṭūṭa and we will be open to any suggestions that the imponderable wanderlust of travel may suggest to us.

Those who want to can experiment with the use of Qalam and learn basics of Arabic calligraphy. There will also be free time for personal shopping or rest in the riad.

Hospitality is taken care of by the Riad Sahara Nour: a splendid and comfortable traditional house in the heart of the Old Town.

We will be able to take advantage of the artistic sensitivity and availability of the owners Lucìle and François and the discreet and vigilant assistance of Hasan and Samira.

The seminar is open to everyone, beginners or skilled storytellers of images.